When I first saw a Helloflo ad maybe a year or so ago, I didn’t know exactly what to think. In all honesty, it seemed to be more of a joke than a real product as far as I was concerned. If you aren’t yet aware, Helloflo is a startup company founded by Naama Bloom who just so happens to also be the Senior Vice President of SheKnows Entertainment. Both companies are described as catering to and purposefully empowering women but for me, it begs the question,

Is it really that simple?

First, let me explain what I know about the start-up. Basically, it’s a delivery service catering in menstrual necessities. The shop section of the website has three categories: First Timers, Menstrual Mavens, and Mom-to-Be. Each category contains three package options targeted to a specific demographic. While having these products delivered could be convenient in that completely unnecessary way, I can’t help but wonder if it also gives in to the archaic idea that periods are dirty or inappropriate to discuss. Why else would we need these hygiene products delivered to our doors when we could purchase them at the grocery store which the general public shops at roughly every flipping week? Not only this, but the website fails to incorporate large demographics of the women it so assuredly claims are empowered through it’s platform. Women in a peri-menopause and menopausal state could, I’m sure, benefit from a majority of products which could also be boxed up and shipped out as are items in the other categories. Not only this, but many women do not get periods at all. How might such women as these be empowered through companies like this?


While the website does host a number of positive messages and services, it’s lacking in its entirety. This idea of femvertising to women by not tearing them down does not necessarily equate to empowering. While positive messages are to a degree, being distributed, they are still being presented to make money. If this business campaign wasn’t going to bring in dollars, would Bloom be endorsing it? I don’t know her personally but my guess would be no.


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